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Saurabh Sanjay Deshmukh | View Full Profile | Seeking opportunities in AI (Vision & Perception) and Robotics Software | Robotics Masters Student | Mechanical Engineering BS | Research Assistant at AWARE Labs
Digvijay Patil | View Full Profile | Research Assistant and Student in Engineering Sciences focused on Robotics Software and Machine Learning @ UB
Atharv Makarand Saraf | View Full Profile | Student at University at Buffalo
Jay Parikh | View Full Profile | Machine Learning Intern at Evtek | Robotics Graduate Student, University at Buffalo
KRUNAL NAROTTAM THAKKAR | View Full Profile | Seeking Full-Time Opportunities form Spring 2023 in Robotics, Planning and Perception | Ex- Mechatronics Engineering Intern at HATCI | MS Robotics @ SUNY Buffalo
Laxmi Devi Gunnapaneni | View Full Profile | Software Engineering Intern at PostProcess Technologies | MSc Robotics | University at Buffalo
Mehvish Shamshad | View Full Profile | Graduate Research Assistant
Piyush Rajendra Jain | View Full Profile | Graduate Research Assistant – Data Analyst | MS Robotics student at University of Buffalo (UB)
Rajit Halder | View Full Profile | Robotics Student at State University of New York at Buffalo
Vivek Wadegaonkar | View Full Profile | Masters in Robotics | Computer Vision | Perception | ROS | SLAM | Machine Learning
Apurva Chavan | View Full Profile | Masters in Robotics (August 2021 – December 2022) | Specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Robot Operating System
Mit D. Desai | View Full Profile | Automation Controls Intern at Quality Design Services, Inc | Robotics Engineer | University at Bufallo Fall 2022