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Saurabh Sanjay Deshmukh | View Full Profile | Seeking opportunities in AI (Vision & Perception) and Robotics Software | Robotics Masters Student | Mechanical Engineering BS | Research Assistant at AWARE Labs
Gargi Chakraborti | View Full Profile | Data scientists and Machine Learning Engineering
Harshvardhan Santosh Tanpure | View Full Profile | Data Science Graduate Student at University at Buffalo. Actively seeking Full time opportunities 2023
Sumedh Khodke | View Full Profile | Google DSC Lead @UB | Seeking full time job opportunities in Data Science and ML | Data Science Grad student Machine Learning
Digvijay Patil | View Full Profile | Research Assistant and Student in Engineering Sciences focused on Robotics Software and Machine Learning @ UB
Aakar Sood | View Full Profile | Data Science Intern (NLP) | Pursuing MS in AI from University at Buffalo
Gurvinder Singh | View Full Profile | Graduate Teaching Assistant | Machine Learning Graduate Student at University at Buffalo(Graduates in Dec 2022)
Lunshu Sun | View Full Profile | Passionate MS candidate with work experience seeking for SDE opportunity, skills including Spring, REST API design, database interaction, cloud service, and SaaS development.
Abhishek Kumar | View Full Profile | Actively seeking roles in Data Science or Machine Learning
Adith Prabukumar | View Full Profile | University at Buffalo – Master of Science ✔ Machine Learning, SQL and Data Analysis
Anubhav Sharma | View Full Profile | ML Intern at ScriptChain Health | Graduate Student at SUNY Buffalo | MS in Data Science
Vivek Wadegaonkar | View Full Profile | Masters in Robotics | Computer Vision | Perception | ROS | SLAM | Machine Learning
Arnav Ashank | View Full Profile | Actively seeking full time roles in Data Science starting February 2023|Data Scientist Intern| Graduate Teaching Assistant | Masters in Data science | Machine Learning | Python | SQL | Tableau| Deep Learning | AWS
Arpan Korat | View Full Profile | Graduate Student Assistant | Seeking SDE and Data Science roles | Data Analysis | Data Engineering | Life Saver | Leader | Lifetime learner
Atharv Makarand Saraf | View Full Profile | Student at University at Buffalo
Divyansh Chopra | View Full Profile | Data Scientist & Engineer | FullStack Developer | Machine Learning Enthusiast
Mavalika Loka | View Full Profile | Actively looking for full time opportunities | MS in Data science at State University of New York at Buffalo | Machine Learning | Python | SQL | Tableau
Vishnu Kanduri Sreenivas | View Full Profile | Actively Seeking Full Time Opportunities in Data Science / Analytics | MS Data Science Student at UB | NSLS Member | Python | SQL | Machine Learning | Databases | Tableau | Data Science | Data Analysis
Jay Parikh | View Full Profile | Machine Learning Intern at Evtek | Robotics Graduate Student, University at Buffalo
Prajval Nataraj | View Full Profile | Machine Learning Data Scientist Intern at Mitchell | Graduate Student at University at Buffalo
Anvesh Chamanchula | View Full Profile | AI/ML Intern@Nokia | Software Engineer