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About me



  • 2019 - 2020
    Space and Style Limited

    Acting Head of Factory Operations

    ∙ Participated in the development of the company’s business strategies and policies, with other
    members of the executive team.
    ∙ Developed and implemented operational plans in accordance with business strategy.
    ∙ Effectively led the teams through effective employee engagement and alignment with overall
    ∙ Drove process efficiency, implementation of standards, customer centricity and innovation.
    ∙ Enforced compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements in the Factory.
    ∙ Effectively utilized financial data to drive cost reduction initiatives and improved profitability
    through factory efficiency.
    ∙ Participated in budget making and MRP, prepared and issued optimized production plans in line
    with sales forecasts.
    ∙ Drove Risk Management programs and coordinated the implementation of mission critical
    ∙ Specified and ensured input material requirements are consistently met and participated in supplier
    evaluation and qualifications.
    ∙ Reported to top management on operational performance and recommended improvements.
    ∙ Directed quality objectives to maximize profitability.
    ∙ Effectively led the team in the implementation of ISO standards (QMS, EMS, OSH, etc.,) obtained
    and sustained various certifications.
    ∙ Represented the organization in policy advocacy platforms e.g., in KAM, KEBS TCs.

  • 2018 - 2023
    Space and Style Limited

    Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

    ∙ Heading the Quality Assurance Department and leading the QA team in eensuring Quality as a
    pillar and tool for growth supports the company operations by ensuring establishment and
    implementation of the Quality Management System across the organization in line with ISO
    9001:2015 standard, good manufacturing practices, product quality standards & certifications, safety, and other set compliance requirements.
    ∙ Accountable for management of customer complaints with a vision to set systems and controls to
    identify and effectively eliminate nonconformities (defects/inefficiencies) through effective root
    cause analysis and corrective actions to drive customer confidence, business growth and
    continuous improvement in quality and customer experience.
    ∙ Regular review and validation/verification of quality parameters and standards to align with the
    product certification requirements and trends in the industry.
    ∙ Responsible for raw materials specification and testing, process quality controls/critical control
    points, finished products testing and release, and driving the Company’s Health & Safety, lean
    and process improvement programs such as Kaizen activities.
    ∙ Championing a culture of high performance and continuous improvement through effective
    employee engagement, performance management, waste elimination through Kaizen and
    directing quality objectives to maximize profitability.
    ∙ Representing the organization in various policy advocacy platforms such as Kenya
    Association of Manufacturers (KAM) programs and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
    Technical Committee representation in standards development.
    ∙ Participation in the organization’s strategy and policies formulation and implementation, budget and cost control and ensuring the QA & Compliance department is fully aligned.

  • 2014 - 2018
    Kaluworks Limited

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    ∙ Auditing and continually improving the Quality Management System through establishment of
    SOPs, re-validation of standards, overseeing stringent QC checks (on raw materials, process, and
    FG inspection) to guarantee full product conformity to customer requirements and other
    applicable compliance requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction.
    ∙ Working with Production and R&D team to ensure Continuous Business Improvement.
    ∙ Actively facilitating internal QMS & EMS audits, conducting ISO transition/upgradation trainings, Promoting Kaizen, teamwork, health safety & facilitating training and development of QC
    ∙ Attending and presenting QC reports in daily meetings.
    ∙ Preparing and presenting monthly QC performance presentations in production-engineering and
    management meetings. Attending and resolving Customer Complaints, conducting root cause
    analysis & implementing corrective actions.
    ∙ Monitoring and controlling QA budget and other resources.
    ∙ Facilitating evaluation and re-evaluation of Suppliers and other external providers.

  • 2013 - 2014
    Corrugated Sheets Limited.

    Operations & Quality Control In-charge

    ∙ Ensured smooth plant operations, excellent quality regenerated
    acid (RGA) production, identified equipment maintenance
    needs and coordinated all maintenance activities (preventive, breakdown & predictive maintenance).
    ∙ Led the Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP) team in implementing
    standards, health safety, and consistent record keeping & reporting
    as well as conducted new staff inductions & intern training.

  • 2012 - 2012
    Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)

    Analytical Chemist (attachee)

    ∙ Gained direct skills on proper sampling methods, sample treatment and preservation, subsequent
    analyses, preparation, and presentation of analytical data for informed management decisions.
    ∙ Performed routine analyses, preparation of stock solutions, machine calibrations and laboratory
    housekeeping activities.
    ∙ Learned and applied data accuracy, computation, and interpersonal skills critical in my field.
    ∙ Teamed up with three senior Geochemists and successfully conducted comprehensive analysis on
    Olkaria II Geothermal production wells and generated analytical data for carbon credit.

  • 2008 - 2009

    Chemistry & Physics teacher

    ∙ Vastly interacted with young learners with rich divergent ideas, imparted them with scientific
    knowledge and critical thinking skills, inspired a strong cheerful outlook towards new challenges
    through self-confidence and hard work.
    ∙ Developed my written and spoken communication skills as well as timely completion of tasks.


Quality Management (Assurance & Control)
ISO Standards and Systems Management
Project Management



Honors & awards

  • 2019

    Manager of the year

    Award of honor given by Space and Style Limited for Exemplary Performance and Leadership.

  • 2021

    CEO's Award

    CEO’s award for recognition of Excellence year 2021 – Space & Style Ltd