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About me



  • 2018 - 2022
    Zoho Corporation

    Software Engineer

    • Engineered a powerful Drag & Drop website builder from scratch, empowering CRM users to craft real-time accessible
    web-components, resulting in a rapid growth, reaching up to 10x more customers.
    • Revitalized 20+ Zoho products by implementing a robust Web Code Editor using Microsoft’s Monaco Editor, greatly
    enhancing their market appeal and boosting sales.
    • Diagnosed & Resolved multiple bugs by automating unit and end-to-end tests using Jest and Cypress, resulting in a
    reduction of release build testing time by 1-2 days and increased the health of code base.
    • Proactively automated cross browser compatibility checks in DevOps Pipeline using Gitlab CI/CD Actions and
    BrowserStack, minimizing the incompatibility issues, resulted in 5% faster integration with production code.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills by effectively leading a team of 4 developers by providing constructive feedback, de-
    bugging issues and conducted code reviews to ensure adherence to best practices.

  • 2018 - Present
    AI Camp — Palo Alto, California

    Guided Internship Lead

    • Built a Computer Vision Model that achieved an F1 score of 0.87 in detecting brain tumors from MRI images. [Website]
    • Implemented a similarity searcher using FAISS to generate prompts for Zero Shot Learning based on vector embeddings.
    • Mentored 5 students to develop a handwritten character recognizer, achieving an accuracy rate of 84%. [Pytorch Model]