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About me



  • 2022 - 2022
    MyLab Discovery Solutions

    AI Engineer and Backend Developer

    • Developed a web platform on Django for the analysis of TB and Covid Test and deployed it on AWS(EC2)
    • Implemented a job to take backup of the Databases on regular interval and store it on S3
    • Implemented Unit Test cases for the REST APIs
    • Made a tool on StreamLit for researchers to visualize and analyze the data

  • 2021 - 2021

    Senior Software Engineer

    • Migrated the code from Solr to Elastic Search and optimized the queries & code which made the analysis of data 80%
    • Sharded the Postgres Database to handle the large continuous incoming data
    • Redesigned the REST APIs in Django for better readability and reducing the redundant code by using OOPS concepts
    • Incorporated celery for asynchronous tasks and Redis for caching
    • Refactored the backend code for incorporating BERT models API in the pipeline
    • Developed APIs on FastAPI for serving BERT models

  • 2019 - 2021

    Software Engineer(Machine Learning and Backend Developer)

    • Created multiple pipelines in Python for processing the text data. This pipeline contained self trained models with
    weighted F Score of 0.94(Classification models), BERT NER, proprietary formulas and many other filtering systems
    • Implemented clustering of similar text pipeline which groups the similar news and then assign parent news for that group
    with accuracy of 96%
    • Developed a rule based tool for analyst for filtering the news as per business requirements
    • Designing the schema of Solr and indexing the data in it
    • Developing and maintaining the backend in Django and working extensively on ORM, Postgres and SOLR queries
    • Refactored Django Admin Site to make it more intuitive so that analysts can work on it