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About me


  • - 2023
    University At Buffalo, The State University of New York

    MS in Data Science

    GPA: 3.83/4 • Relevant Course Work: Statistical Data Mining, Probability, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision

  • - 2018
    VIT University

    B.TECH in Electronics & Communication Engineering

    GPA: 3.55/4 • Relevant Course Work: C Programming, Data Structures, Digital Signal processing, Digital Image Processing


  • 2020 - 2022
    Sonata Software Limited

    Lead Digital Engineer

    • Led a team in the development of Azure-based platforms, enhancing ERP data export and usability through Azure integration.
    • Automated pipelines in ADF and Synapse, accomplishing an 80% reduction in data processing time via parallel operations.
    • Oversaw sprint task distribution, JIRA board management, and collaborated with cross-functional teams for efficient project flow.
    • Saved $60,000 project-wide and cut $5,000 in monthly operational costs by managing budgets and utilizing Azure cost predictions.
    • Pioneered PowerBI and Customer Insights sessions, advancing team and client data analytics skills.

  • 2018 - 2020
    Sonata Software Limited

    Data Scientist

    • Achieved 94% accuracy in email classification using TFIDF with random forest and 85% in car damage detection with CNN.
    • Developed demand forecasting model utilizing sales data, leading to a 10% decrease in stockouts and improving inventory planning.
    • Implemented a soft ensemble classifier using decision tree and random forest, obtaining 96% accuracy for flight measure prediction.
    • Initiated the creation of FERRETML, an automated machine learning tool that spans from data preprocessing to model deployment.
    • Integrated Google speech recognition in QSR Voicebot, elevating order accuracy and personalized food recommendations.
    • Leveraged Azure Databricks for Market Basket Analysis in retail, integrating data for insightful customer and product clustering.
    • Designed REZOPIA, a travel recommendation system, employing historical data to refine destination suggestions for customers.
    • Deployed REST APIs for application integration, and conducted A/B testing for performance optimization.