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About me



  • 2019 - 2021

    Data Associate, Alexa Shopping

    • Owned Goal Success Rate of Alexa shopping and provided valuable insights via Deep dive statistical analysis using machine learning and created failure pattern metrics to fine tune Alexa’s responses for customer’s request and enhanced customer experience metrics by a margin of 11%.

    • Led to tool migration from excel to a web-based tool and helped to achieve more data confidentiality, saved time,
    and reduced manual interventions, thus increased productivity by 30%.

    • Coordinated work on customer data and device response to boost CX performance metrics on more than four processes such as RCAs, NER, search relevance, Amazon choice, etc.

    • Improved Alexa’s natural language understanding (NLU) leading to maximized customer quality metrics and business improvement trends by carrying out a vast analysis utilizing visualization and analytical tools. Also helped scale the team from 15 to 200+ associates by supporting on hiring front.