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About me



  • 2022 - 2022

    Data Science Intern

    ● Trained a question-answering BERT transformer model to answer plant-based nutrition questions

    ● Scraped and cleaned around 2500+ blogs, videos, and podcasts from nutritionfact.org website

    ● Coordinated a team of 8 by organizing daily scrums, managing, and reporting to founder

    ● Studied and presented 2 research papers on audio source separation and YOLOv7 to fellow interns as
    part of reading group

  • 2020 - 2021
    Tata Consultancy Services(Digital)

    Data Engineer

    ● Built 40+ ETL data pipelines on Google Cloud for Vodafone by aggregating data of the entire
    country(Hungary) to analyze and make business decisions

    ● Implemented CIM & EIM data models along with orchestrating workflow of pipelines on Airflow

    ● Managed and analyzed Data warehouse consisting of more than 50 million records on BigQuery to decide which internet and mobile plan works best for various customers

    ● Collaborated with the Google Cloud team to implement a user-defined plugin of Hierarchy command in Oracle for business transformation

    ● Configured drivers, memory, and executors cores of Dataproc spark clusters to improve performance of pipeline by 15% and deployed pipelines in testing and production environment using Jenkins

    ● Mentored 7 engineers from Germany, UK & India to build data pipelines and perform unit testing

    ● Certified Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer