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About me



  • 2023 - Present
    State University of New York

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    · Facilitated weekly recitation lectures and office hours on key topics in Probability Theory and Statistics, providing targeted guidance
    and support to a cohort of 80 students.
    · Designed curriculum, projects, and subject material in collaboration with course instructors to optimize student engagement and

  • 2019 - 2022

    Software Development Engineer

    · Led a team of 5 in developing 6 end-to-end event-driven workflow applications using BPM tools, achieving automation of repetitive
    and manual tasks for 10k clients and 25k+ contracts, resulting in significant time savings and a reduction in the risk of human error.
    · Implemented distributed tracing and developed a monitoring dashboard across 15 microservices using Zipkin and Spring Cloud
    Sleuth, which enhanced system observability and led to a 40% improvement in the identification and resolution of latency issues
    within the microservice architecture.
    · Containerized 15+ RESTful services using Docker and migrated & orchestrated them on OpenShift4. Achieved a 20% increase in
    application uptime by leveraging Splunk and OpenShift Console logs for enhanced system observability.
    · Elevated code quality from 48% to 96% by implementing Test-Driven Development (TDD) and unit testing, ensuring full legacy code
    coverage for improved robustness and maintainability, utilizing SonarQube for proactive issue identification, and applying SOLID
    principles through vigilant code refactoring, peer reviews, and documentation standards.
    · Developed a serverless document scanner tool integrating AWS Textract for OCR, SageMaker for data categorization, and DynamoDB
    for indexing, reducing manual document processing by 90%, managing 100 documents/hour throughput, and supporting different
    output formats like PDF, JSON, text, and CSV.