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About me



  • 2023 - Present

    Software Engineer Intern

    • Advancing data pipelines for the migration of data from relational databases to OLTP-type databases by improving data operations and enabling businesses to harness the data for growth and success.
    • Designed and implemented Azure Data Factory pipelines with cross-functional collaboration, ensuring seamless data movement and accuracy. Expertise in complex data transformations, cleansing, and mapping improved data operations and empowered data-driven decisions.
    • Supervising and overseeing data pipelines to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This has involved proactively identifying and resolving issues that may impact data integrity or pipeline efficiency. In return improved efficiency by 80%.
    • Leveraging PowerBI and equivalent applications to analyze data, find anomalies, and uncover important insights.
    • Proficient in hands-on programming with Python or other languages and executing a variety of algorithms, such as ecommendation engines, anomaly detection, and probability analysis, with proficiency.
    • In charge of interpreting existing data structures and creating detailed documentation.

  • 2021 - 2021
    Accenture Technologies

    Application Development Analyst

    • Built and developed web-based applications using the Savigent automated workflow tool.
    • Served as mediator between client and developers in requirement gathering sessions with clients for various use cases and Feasibility checks for all the requirements within the timeline.
    • Create automated Workflows, Model
    designs, and Engine Designs which works on Savigent System Management tool to analyzed the User actions, Events, Actions, and involvement in the Workflow
    • Collaborated with 5-members and received client appreciation for creating dashboards using automated Workflow, Model designs, and Engine Designs using Savigent Workflow Designer.
    • Monitored client requirements, devised the correct prototype per requirement, and increased client efficiency to 85%

  • 2018 - 2021
    Wipro Technologies

    Senior Project Engineer

    • Developed Web Service applications using ASP.NET, C.
    • Pioneered and mentored a team of 10 members and created web applications, using complex scripts in .NET and ASP.NET applications for connecting to cloud components. Received client appreciation for quality, timely project completion, and improving the application efficiency to 80
    • Composed and optimized test cases to maximize the success of the applications up to 90consistent, thorough approaches.
    • Accommodated delivery challenges specific to the SaaS delivery environment examined and mapped data and wrote SQL scripts to extract data from SQL databases.