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About me



  • 2018 - 2023
    Scatec Solar

    Regional HR Manager - APAC

    •Played a key role in various projects in Asia in setting up power plants in Vietnam, India & Thailand (Solar & Hydro Power plant). Oversees the HR functions in Asia regions, including talent acquisition, compensation & benefits, performance management, corporate culture & organizational development, policy implementation, employeeengagement and talent management & development.
    •Develop strategic plan, review/monitor, implement, measurement the achievement of set HR and business KPI’s, and goals to Senior Management teams in alignment with the direction of global practices.
    •Lead, groom, train, develop and retain HR managers on HR skills, knowledge and competencies including key HR functions and
    skills/knowledge competencies.
    •Contribute to build a global and holistic performance and competence driven culture in country/regions.
    •Ensure implementation and development of compensation and benefits in country/region based on corporate guidelines and within the thinking of total rewards.
    •Design and execute C&B programs in accordance with established policies and guidelines, regulations, and legislations.Review salary competitiveness and planning recommendations, including manpower cost budgeting & provisions across Asia regions.
    •Create a consistent compensation guideline that match the values and organizational culture by practicing effective communication strategies to C&B related matters.
    •Manage and handle global insurances and be the main contact person towards our insurance broker on personnel insurance and pensions.
    •Ensure benefits packages are aligned to local country standards and fair across the company.
    •Responsible for adaptability, employee satisfaction, retention, and employee development by collaborating with the
    departmental line mangers to develop, design, and implement various learning programs.
    •Develop processes and tools to help leaders more effectively select, promote, develop, manage, and reward talents.
    •Ensure adherence to corporate guidelines on salary adjustments,reviews, and promotions.
    •Develop robust, efficient, and cost-effective mobility policies and practices for international assignment. Execute on implementation plans for HR initiatives and projects globally.
    •Manage compliance requirements related to labour law, immigration, social security, and payroll for cross border assignments in collaboration with local HR, Finance managers and external advisors.
    •Ensure appropriate support and regulatory compliance for relocations and work permitting matters.
    •Review and update talent management framework for key management talents in Asia pacific regions. Enable the annual talent review cycle through communication of key deliverables at regional level. Conduct analysis on talent pools, identify issues and propose countermeasure to accelerate talent development and deployment.
    •Responsible in talent review sessions and roll up to succession plans & development plans for key positions at country level.
    •Drive Talent Actions/Outcomes from Talent Review meetings at both regional & country level.
    •Ability to advise on potential risks and make recommendations in relation to employment matters.
    •Ensure appropriate external agreements with recruitment agencies with desired level of competence to meet future business needs.
    •Work with country HR and HQ/HR to implement talent acquisition strategies by conducting needs analysis at country level.
    •Provide regional/local perspective on labour markets, recruiting channels, talent pools, and competitive landscape to the country HR.
    •Develop recruitment channels/networks in the region in selecting candidates on basis of merit and relevance with job.
    •Support top talent identification processes by interviewing candidates and executing onboarding, orientation and benefits process.
    •Manage the country/region training and development. Review and update development roadmap for leadership program in the region in line with Scatec Solar vision, mission, values, leadership traits and ethical framework (leadership techniques, system approaches, and manage change to create a good environment within the organization.)
    •Recommend strategic direction for people development within the country/ regional organization.
    •Ensure to promote opportunities for career growth and development (competency, planning matrix, flight risk &critical positioning planning process).
    •Collaborate with line managers and global HR towards competency building, mapping, and succession planning.
    •Be part of the local management team by managing organization’s processes, organizational reflection, system improvement & planning within departmental across Asia regions.
    •Collaboratively design learning and development strategies, programs, and tactical projects to address specific needs derived from evidence-based assessments.
    •Coordinate with vendors on the E-platform for Performance management systems for Asia regions.
    •Support countries’ HR managers in revamping respective performance management tools by developing and executing employee performance process (goals setting, constructive feedback & performance review).
    •Developed and implemented a human resources strategy that attracted top talent and improved employee engagement.
    •Coordinate annual and mid-year performance management process using metrics for continuous improvement.
    •Participate in employee engagement survey action planning and nterventions with the aim of improving morale, team cohesion, learning and development and other prioritized areas.
    •Supervising the continuous development/improvement projects for HR processes/system.
    •Be an Ambassador of the DEI policy implementation (diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative), host programs in Asia regions to substitute with global objectives.
    •Establish and implement end-to-end Regional HR Operational strategies to meet company objectives.
    •Managed full-cycle human resource operational activities to maximize HR employee performance.
    •Ensure all HR processes and policies are executed in alignment in the region.
    •Ensure HR compliance matters and stay up to date on regulations in every country within the region.
    •Responsible for maintaining and updating of HR data, prepare various reports for the region management and provide support to Head, on various project preparation and implementation.

  • 2012 - 2018
    Elkem ASA

    Senior Human Resource Manager - Corporate

    •Played a key role in facilitating a highly effective, strategic HR function in the Asia region in setting up carbon and silicone plants in (Malaysia, India, Singapore, & China) that ensures the organization has the structure, inclusive culture and diverse talent needed to deliver on program goals and effectively serve our clients.
    •Proactively identify organization needs and provide appropriate HR solutions to support the business strategy including organizational design input, policy design and team integration activities.
    •Work closely to implement solutions from the global HR framework and develop customized HR solutions for the unit.
    •Implements human resources programs by providing human resources services, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records management, safety and health, succession planning, employee relations and retention, compliance, and labour relations; completing personnel transactions.
    •Ensure to implement a non-discriminatory recruitment and placement program for all roles in the areas of recruitment, advertising, postings, screenings, interviewing and orientation process are conducted with global standards.
    •Coordinate with hiring managers to develop job descriptions to leads the creation of a recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position identifying effective sources. Efficiently and effectively assist in filling open positions.
    •Coordinate implementation/ maintenance of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
    •Drive and support recruitment and selection activities ensuring compliance with recruitment process.
    •Assist counterparts with the design and implementation of international integration and orientation programs for new Partners and employees.
    •Oversees the administration in the Asia offices, assists the stakeholders with the project management of all HR aspects involved with new business mergers, resulting in the opening of a new Asia office.
    •Provide advice on organization design, restructuring and cultural change.
    •Compensation, pension and insurance schemes, and other benefits for the employees (level, system and follow-up external providers).
    •Administers health and welfare plans as well as works with retirement plan. Processes required documentation to ensure accurate record keeping and proper deductions.
    •Assist in bench marking positions against market to ensure competitive compensation.
    •Assists with the preparation of data for salary surveys; tracks market data and trends for the Asia offices.
    •Create a consistent compensation guideline that match the values and organizational culture.
    •Make local policies (according to Elkem’s standard and local legislation) and implement them. Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
    •Lead and manage the Human Resources team (including people planning, performance, well-being and development)
    •Develop processes and tools to help leaders more effectively select, promote, develop, manage, and reward talents.
    •Coordinate annual and mid-year performance management process,Talent Management initiatives and programs, using metrics for continuous improvement.
    •Coordination with senior management team on new staff retention strategies and initiatives.
    •Proactively respond to and manage performance counseling, employee grievances and disciplinary issues as required.
    •Support the planning, delivery, and implementation of global HR initiatives across the region by providing advice and support to managers on poor performance cases.
    •Proactively pursue continuous process improvement in Human Resources related practices. Manage the country/region training and development by recommending strategic direction for people development within the country/ regional organization.
    •Oversee training programs, budgets and responsible for creating or selecting course content and materials for employees to match competency matrix on their job role.
    •Coordination with departmental head to identify and match training priorities with overall business goals for employees.
    •Represent as a corporate EBS team assesses all sites biannually through observations and discussions to evaluate the progression,involvement, and improvements and encourage further development.
    •Access the daily operations related to work teams and daily management, 5S visual management and problem-solving, systematic improvements related to flow, control, and capability and sponsorship,
    strategy, learning and competence development.
    •Train the leader to focus on involvement, knowledge and information sharing and on the management’s commitment to empowering employees through continuous improvement.
    • Assist in empowering employees as experts in their own responsibility areas by delegating and decentralizing decision-making to be a strength and key element of its business culture.
    •Ensure the Quality Assurance in the countries of the region are aligned with local and Elkem’s standard.
    •Responsible for global HR Audit in international region by ensuring the effective utilization of the organization’s human resources in all divisions.
    •Review the compliance and work closely with other local HR in other regions in relation to the administration of the organization as well as provide a sense of confidence in management and the human resources function are within Elkem”s practices. Establish a baseline for future improvement for the function.

  • 2009 - 2012

    Human Resourse & Admin Manager

    •Ensure a motivational climate within the organization including adequate opportunities for career growth and development (competency, planning matrix, fight risk &critical positioning planning process).
    •Lead talent management projects and initiatives from planning to delivery.
    •Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy. Responsible for HR operational strategies, HR financial management and budgets, customer relationship management.
    •Oversee the design and development of compensation strategy and programs that are competitive. Ensure adherence to corporate guidelines on salary adjustments, reviews, and promotions and
    recommend improvements to benefit programs.
    •Continues development of payroll system, salary scale and job matrix to meet market changes and business growth needs.
    •Ensure the salary scale and benefits reflecting the hierarchical value of the employee job as determined through a job ranking process and the value of the job.
    •Develop a standard Appraisal Performance system to measure the actual efficiency and performance for all employees against objectives/goals achievements.
    •Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance.
    •Direct the administration of benefit programs for employees. Continues development, re-evaluating and re-designing of organization structure based on business growth and needs.
    •Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
    •Create company strategic training and organizational development plan to meet personal, professional, and organizational needs of company employees.
    •Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital.
    •Work closely with our recruiters to manage sourcing, interviewing and employment processes. Manage the recruitment and selection process in various channel – expansion business (internally and externally).
    •Evaluating current recruiting procedures to determine efficiency and effectiveness and modifying current recruiting procedures or developing new procedures as needed.
    •Counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.
    •Coordinate with inter related departments with effective implementation of HR policies & procedure in developing, guiding and managing the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, procedure and programs for the entire organization. Fostering a positive working environment.
    •Oversee the bridge between management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances, mediate workplace disputes or counseling, motivation, and attitudinal changes.
    •Ensure appropriate support and regulatory compliance for relocation and work permitting matters.
    •Manage the entire work permit process with local authorities and responsible with blue collar’s employment welfares.
    •Reports to top management and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises company management about Human Resources issues.
    •Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics to safeguard all legal compliances are obeyed with local regulations throughout human resource management.
    •Develop annual Human Resources yearly business plans and budgets.Developing and implementing learning strategies and programs through assessing training needs to apply and monitor training programs within
    •Designing e-learning courses, career plans, workshops for all employees in GSIB to evaluate the success of development plans and help employees make the most of learning opportunities to enhance their skills and abilities to perform better.
    • Coordinate with managers to develop their team through career pathing. Maintain the general administrative tasks on day-to-day basis in coordination with General Manager.

  • 2006 - 2012

    Senior Human Resource Executive

    •Drive HR strategic initiatives and implementing them across the company in matters such as Learning & Development, Talent
    Management and Talent Acquisition. Provide support in recruitment process and on-boarding processes. Other Ad hoc strategic projects as accordingly determined by the management and team.
    •Research staffing trends, establish systematic workflows, and recommend solutions to improve our company’s recruitment practices.
    •Prepare job descriptions and define job levels and families by collaborating with other departmental managers.
    •Observe, interview, and employee surveys and conduct focus group meetings to collect job, organizational, and occupational information.
    •Lead and coordinate onboarding for new hires, process probationary feedback, and manage employee evaluations and terminations.
    •Review employee benefit programs and provide advice on resolution of classification and salary structures of each
    •Advise the management on equal employment opportunity, racism, sexual harassment or any sort of discrimination.
    •Oversee compliance audits and manage performance appraisals based on the data you track annually as per company regulations.
    •Monitor systems to process monthly payroll account transactions (salaries, benefits, deductions, taxes and third-party payments).
    •Coordinate timekeeping and payroll systems and oversee monthly processing of payroll changes (new hires, terminations, raises) and system upgrades. Ensure compliance with local laws and internal policies are aligned.
    •Determine HR metrics, such as turnover rates and cost-per-hire, review departmental budgets, and maintain employee records in people system.
    •Provide support to HR Business Partners and employees on HR policies and guidelines.
    •Evaluate and modify the policies to make sure that all the programs are competitive and in compliance with legal requirements.
    •Involved in the preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform employees of benefits, compensation, and or any other policies.
    •Assist HR manager to develop and implement company policies and procedures that help promote a healthy and productive work environment.
    •Resolves labour disputes and grievances. Investigate and report on industrial accidents and involvement in insurance claim process.
    •Prepares budgets for personnel operations and forecasts to project employment needs.
    • Manage site employee’s attendance and claims process. Coordinate with the external trainers on training programs and courses for Auditors and Tax Managers. Be a facilitator for Mazar’s participant by arranging the necessary needs.
    •Coordinate the programs (Audit soft, Audit Techniques, Consolidation) for auditors internally in office for new joiners.
    •Liaise with HRD Corp for grant application process as Mazars is a registered employer who is allowed to make claims by attending trainings conducted by HRD Corp Registered Training Providers.
    •Day to day administrative task – company asset, office equipment, IT storage, housekeeping, travel bookings.


Trainer - Elkem Business System



Honors & awards

  • 2014

    Competent HR

    Managed to achieve company\'s objectives in setting up new plants in China, India & Bintulu. Acomplishment of HR projects delivered and successfully recruited 362 staff within the time frame.