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About me



  • 2019 - 2022

    Software Engineer II

    • Contributed to development of backend in the Cisco Kinetic for Cities project, a smart city IoT solution
    • Applied modern application development practices, such as designing microservices architecture, implementing
    distributed computing, and creating low latency messaging applications
    • Developed more than 50 REST API endpoints across 5 microservices handling a throughput of 1k req/sec
    • Executed performance testing and spearheaded the development of geospatial queries for PostgreSQL and
    Elasticsearch, managing datasets of over 10 million records
    • Implemented role and location-based access by intercepting HTTP and Websocket requests
    • Employed Mockito and PowerMock frameworks to write thorough unit and integration tests, resulting in a test
    coverage exceeding 90%
    • Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams and cross-trained new team members to promote versatility
    and flexibility within team
    • Earned the Best Performer trophy for outstanding contributions

  • 2018 - 2018

    Software Intern

    • Developed REST APIs using Model-View-Controller design patten leveraging SpringBoot and microservices
    • Assisted in data extraction from Facebook and Twitter as part of Sentiment Analysis Team, and gained experience
    in analyzing sentiments using Bag-of-words and Tweepy