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About me



  • 2023 - Present


    Remote –
    • Initiated and currently leading the development of an open source platform for autonomous vehicle and
    ADAS feature testing utilizing video inputs
    • Built the preliminary skeleton of the website, with ongoing efforts focused on enhancing backend
    functionalities integrating computer vision for increased effectiveness and user experience

  • 2021 - 2022
    NCR Corporation − Hyderabad, IN

    QA Engineer

    • Developed a device driver for the Amazon-one device, integrating the pay with palm feature with the
    self-serve checkout system
    • Reported 170 bugs, 12 improvements, and resolved 27 firmware issues, improving overall product quality
    by 32%
    • Planned, formulated, and executed 1500 test scenarios to confirm quality conformance to requirements
    • Improved smoke, sanity, and regression test suites and automated 80% of regression test suites using
    in-house SATE automation tool,which was used for the first time for a Self-Service Checkout product