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About me



  • 2022 - 2023
    Sshrishti Trust

    Director Operations

    Sshrishti Trust is a credible NGO, providing quality early-age child education, financial & digital literacy, and women empowerment activities for underprivileged children and women of Delhi & Uttarakhand.
    The main job responsibility is Project management, including all aspects including project development, finance, and donor reporting (Scope, deliverables, timelines, costing, funding, risk and success, quality, and impact assessment), Look after interdepartmental operations and assigned task along with monitors ongoing programs, identifies new ones, and builds linkages with communities, donor agencies, stakeholders, and volunteers. It consists of implementing direct and partnership, managing budgets,
     Developed linkages with five new donor agencies – Light Finance, Solar Industries, Federal Bank, I. J. Kakehashi, and Eastman and managed to mobilize/raise Rs. 1.15 Crore.
     Implemented the Digital Literacy Program to provide digital quality education for 2200 young students supported by KPMG.
     Smart Dhan – Financial Literacy project to train 206 master trainers in 4 states, 13 districts, and 50 blocks/villages with Light microfinance company support.
     Successfully implemented Digital Shakti project for 700 students with Ed-tech support supported by CSF, ACT
     Provided early-age quality education for 600 underprivileged students of Delhi
     Provided digital Literacy for 3200 students under HUM Projects supported by SSRDP
     Manage and lead a team of 85 people, along with internal and external audit work. project staff members, donor relations, M&E, budgeting, approvals, and supervision of the entire office operation, Finance, administration, and other departmental work

  • 2019 - 2021
    Tayyab Trust

    General Manager

    Tayyab Trust is a registered NGO working in multiple charitable activities such as relief of affordable healthcare, water/WASH, hunger and malnutrition, community welfare, poverty alleviation, etc
    Oversee program improvement plans, manage staff, lead program development and delivery, and establish partnerships with local partner organizations. Participate in the Senior Management Team, provide strategic leadership, support donor engagement, and manage budgets. Represent Tayyab Trust in high-level gatherings, supervise staff, and ensure an efficient staffing structure. Set priorities and assign work activities, ensuring program quality and impact assessment and partnerships with NGOs & Volunteers.
     Provided 550 mobility and income-generation tools for handicapped youth for their livelihood.
     Provided 735 Carts along with goods under the IGPA program with the support of local partner NGOs and volunteers.
     Provide 90,000 food packets for the needy beneficiaries under the Hunger Project.
     Managed to organize more than 100 health camps and refer all patients to the local govt and Private Hospitals
     Health and hygiene kits and raw rations were distributed among 17000 families during the COVID Period, and many more helped provide for the needy and crying people of society.
     1960 water pumps were installed and provided safe drinking water facilities to individual/community family members and many more projects
     Completed 300 Cataract surgeries for needy people and many more projects completed

  • 2019 - 2019
    Dr Krishna Cancer Healer Centers

    General Manager

    Management of all cancer centers of Dr. Krishna Cancer Healer (CHC) serves. The training and development of all staff members at CHC. Coordination between the centers and the head office is essential, and operations are monitored and analyzed. Daily updates are received from the centers via WhatsApp or telephonic communication regarding opening times, Backup staff support is provided if required. Admin work is closely reviewed, and approval is given if necessary. Coordination with the call center ensures follow-up patient calls are completed. Video cameras are used to monitor centers daily to ensure staff are working properly. All reports, including DAR, DSR, MNT, patient referrals, medicine requisition testimonials, and feedback forms, must be sent on time. Proper action is taken if reports are not submitted on schedule.
     Managed to provide the treatment of 5,000 patients treatments on a daily basis.
     Full operational management of 11 Cancer centers with 112 supporting staff members
     Appointed the required staff for the smooth function of daily work activities and provided backup support services if required during

  • 2013 - 2019

    General Manager

    CanKids KidsCan in India offers holistic cancer patient support through partnerships with treatment centers and hospitals, focusing on manpower, social support, capacity building, research, and addressing the gaps
    My primary responsibility was to manage the project’s activities, including project development, finance, and donor reporting. This includes the identification of project deliverables, timelines, costing, funding, risk and success factors, quality, and impact assessment in 57 CHSUs.
    Responsible for coordination, supervision, reporting, and monitoring of all Regional Program Managers and program managers, and the development of further regions is also integral to the project, building a good SST in all CHSUs, including SW, Counselors, Teachers, Data Managers, Nutritionists, PSG along with volunteers/NGOs. Networking & relationship management with all 57 CHSUs, and identifying gaps and filling them through needs assessment, feasibility, and site visits, in collaboration with Team Jiv Daya Foundation (JDF), a donor agency.
     Signed MOUs with Punjab State Government and different government, Trust, and private hospital levels for Implementation of Change for childhood cancer in India
     Managed the project in 57 CHSUs and implemented 4 core programs in each CHSUs with the support of 357 staff members
     Identified, designed, Developed, established, and made functional of 3 HAH (Home Away Home) centers for Accommodation and treatment extension of Cancer Patients and their family members with a capacity 35 bedded facilities
     Organized one Cultural Event program with Mr. Kailash Kher and about 5000 people participated and managed to raise 1.5 crore rupees through this program
     Organized 3 professional cancer awareness car rallies (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Punjab) and managed to cover 10 to 15 districts in each rally, followed by many awareness programs.
     Under the Initiative of Challo Chale Taj Mahal, I managed to organize visits for 2200 cancer patients and their family members from Delhi to Agra and Agra to Delhi, in one day of travel.
     Supervise and monitor and operational work of a 14-bed Palliative care unit in Delhi to provide the best treatment and support services – Death without pain with support from operational staff.
     Looked Admin work for six months along with operations in the absence of an Admin person

  • 2002 - 2013
    ANaRDe Foundation - AEGIS Group

    CSR Program Head

    ANaRDe Foundation is a registered trust that works for integrated rural development programs in the cross of country. ANaRDe Foundation mainly works in the field of Community mobilization through SHGs formation, NRM, Primary Education support, and Skill training programs for livelihood creation.
    The management of projects, encompassing project development, finance, and donor reporting, among other aspects, is a crucial responsibility. This includes the coordination, supervision, reporting, and monitoring of Regional Program Managers and Program Managers across all regions and the development of further regions. Capacity building through training and resource material, including their hiring, orientation/training, and selection/networking with local CBOs/NGOs to work. Relationship management with all stakeholders, program partners, and donor agencies and partnerships with funding agencies, and ministries.
    • Managed the project in 18 states of India with 62 operational centers with 350 team members.
    • Mobilized fund of 2 crore from RMK and NBCFDC under their micro-credit and livelihood creation
    • Developed 142 model villages in different states of India under Total Sanitation Program Initiative
    • Implemented Swa-Jal Dhara Project in 52 Villages of Karnal District with 10% community participation and provided safe drinking water
    • Developed Good relationships with CAPART, NABARD, SIDBI, RMK, NHFC, NBCFDC, and State and Central Ministries and managed to get the government’s different projects implemented successfully
    • 18000 SHGs, 1200 Youth Clubs, and 1900 farmer clubs formed and linked them to banks for the loaning process for livelihood options.
    • Implement NRM projects, watershed management projects, deepening of ponds, and many more in different states of India.

  • 1999 - 2002
    ASEED (Asian Society for Entrepreneurship Education & Development)

    Development Manager

    Project management, encompassing project development, finance, and donor reporting for Swa-Shakti, UPDASP, and MDA. Coordinating, supervising, reporting, and monitoring all Project Managers and Program Managers, developing further project staff for upcoming projects. Networking and relationship management with staff, donor agencies, media, district, and state-level government offices. Conduct feasibility studies, and site visits for need assessment, Work with the HR team, including recruitment, training, probation review, staff appraisals, salary, and other emoluments, terminating and replacing. Relationship management with all stakeholders of all program partners and donor agencies.
    • Successfully implemented the Swa-Shakti Project (women’s empowerment Projects) with the support of the Ministry of Women & Child Development, the World Bank & IFAD and developed 300 SHGs with 5500 women beneficiaries and linked with the bank for livelihood creation.
    • Implement UPDASP Project: (Uttar Pradesh Diversified Agricultural Support Program), supported by the World Bank, IFAD in three districts of UP and managed to provide support of 60,000 beneficiaries.
    • MDA Project – Livelihood and community mobilization project in Mewat District of Haryana Districts and provided support to 40,000 poor beneficiaries.


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