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About me



  • 2020 - 2022

    Full-Stack Developer

    ● Developed and maintained a co1ntent management tool that enabled website development and management.
    ● Implemented collaborative functionality to enable simultaneous contributions from multiple team members on the same project.
    ● Developed and integrated React components, UI services, and routers to enable efficient consumption of RESTful APIs and pre-built components
    from NPM while utilizing Redux and ES6 features.
    ● Implemented user authentication and role-based access control using JSON Web Tokens (JWT), integrated multiple third-party APIs for content
    fetching and storage, created unit test cases for React apps using Jasmine and Karma, debugged using Chrome Developer\’s tools and Postman, and
    organized the code base using GIT.
    ● Integrated Amazon S3 for optimal media asset storage and rapid content delivery, enhancing the content management tool\’s efficiency. Implemented
    AWS Lambda for serverless computing, streamlining specific functionalities within the application.
    ● Skills & Environments: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, React JS, ExpreeJS, MongoDB, Redux, JIRA, GitHub, Bit Bucket, RESTful Node API.
    Redux, ES6, Postman, GIT, Jasmine.

  • 2020 - 2020

    Software Developer

    ● Collaborated on the development of an e-commerce admin tool for managing microservices.
    ● Played an active role as a team member in developing an e-commerce admin tool, leveraging Angular\’s flexible system to create and inject shared
    services, implement routing and navigation, and manage asynchronous data streams using RxJS observables. Focused on ensuring seamless
    functionality and an optimal user experience.
    ● Developed and organized a performant Angular application using modular architecture and lazy loading, leveraging RESTful API calls for a
    seamless UI population. Conducted thorough testing and debugging to ensure bug-free functionality.
    ● Skills & Environments: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, ExpressJS, Mongodb, GIT, RESTful APIs, JIRA, GitHub

  • 2019 - 2019
    Smart Bridge

    UI Developer Intern

    ● Spearheaded the redesign of the product catalog page using React.js components, resulting in user engagement and faster page load times
    ● Integrated a real-time product filtering feature using React Hooks and Redux, enhancing the user\’s ability to refine search results dynamically.
    ● Engineered a seamless checkout experience by implementing React Router for multi-step navigation, reducing user friction and improving
    conversion rates.
    ● Enhanced the platform\’s visual appeal and user interaction by integrating a third-party React component library, ensuring a consistent and modern UI
    design across the entire application.