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About me


  • 2021 - Present
    State University of New York at Buffalo

    Master of Engineering

    ● Major in Robotics ● Relevant Coursework: Machine Learning ; Computer Vision; Robotics Algorithms; Artificial Intelligence; Pattern Recognition

  • 2016 - 2020
    Henan University of Science and Technology (HAUST)

    Bachelor of Engineering

    ● Major in Mechatronic Engineering ● Relevant coursework:Advanced Language Program Design, Signal Analysis and Process of Electromechanical System, MCU Principle and Interface Technology,, Basic of Control Engineering


  • 2022 - Present
    Advanced Robot Lab

    Researcher Assistant

    ● Developed an open resource library called pypose to connect classic algorithms and modern learning methods.
    ● Solved the problem when deep perceptual models have made remarkable success in robotic perception but they are data-sensitive and suffer from ever-changing environments
    ● Contributed to the modules of PyPose in the field of SLAM, such as Kalman filter, bundle adjustment and so on. Being able to understand the basic concepts of SLAM, familiar with the state-of-the-art learning-based SLAM systems, and contributing to extendable modules in the open source project.