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    hong kong Philippines
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About me



  • 2022 - 2022
    Neat corporation Limited, Hong Kong

    Sales Executive

    Established and cultivated solid business
    relationships with new or existing customers.
    Increased revenue by implementing effective sales
    strategies in sales cycle process from prospecting
    leads through close.
    Researched sales opportunities and possible leads to
    exceed sales goals and increase profits.
    Coached sales associates in product specifications,
    sales incentives and selling techniques, significantly
    increasing customer satisfaction ratings.
    Collaborated with upper management to
    implement continuous improvements and exceed
    team goals.
    Met with clients, delivering presentations and
    educating on product and service features and
    Finalized sales contracts with high-value customers.
    Motivated and mentored sales employees to
    enhance presentation, negotiation and customer
    relations abilities.
    Tracked changing product lines to effectively meet
    dynamic market demands.
    Analyzed key competitors to respond to competitive
    Analyzed account details such as usage, sales data
    and client comments to enhance understanding of
    effectiveness and client needs.
    Introduced new processes to improve data analysis.
    Built and strengthened long-lasting client
    relationships based on accurate price quotes and
    customer-centric terms.
    Educated clients on new products or services to
    increase customer engagement with brand.

  • 2021 - 2022
    Neat Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

    Operations Specialist

    Recruited and managed six outsourced members of
    onboarding / sales team to give every customer the
    best onboarding and account management
    Assisted various departments with change by
    communicating new improvement plans and
    Tracked and analyzed reports to determine needed
    Enhanced operational and sales performance and
    reduced labor expenses by developing and
    optimizing standard practices.
    Handle and process incoming applications
    Pointed out process bottlenecks and inconsistencies
    to upper management, facilitating continuous
    process improvement to eliminate standard
    procedures hindering successful sales tactics.
    Evaluated performance of products and sales
    campaigns through review of sales data, identifying
    trends and applying lessons learned to future sales

  • 2021 - 2021
    Neat Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

    Senior Customer Solution Specialist

    Resolve complex fraud cases by improving
    processes by establishing a 7 day team coverage
    for quicker resolution.
    Monitor high-risk accounts to anticipate issues and
    deploy newfound solutions for outstanding
    Adapt to new financial and support tools to resolve
    customer queries under 24 hours.
    Train junior agents in resolving complex cases, data
    entry practices and other support/operational tasks.
    Proactively monitor incoming inquiries from all
    communication channels to achieve the first
    response KPI of under 4 hours for emails and 2
    minutes for chats.
    Leverage company knowledge to help resolve
    customer’s complaints and determining the root
    causes of the problem and selecting the best

  • 2018 - 2020
    Neat Corporation Limited, Hong Kong

    Customer Solution Specialist

    Provide primary customer support to internal and
    external customers in fast-paced environment.
    Build and maintain close relationships with customers
    Evaluate customer information to explore issues,
    develop potential solutions and maintain
    high-quality service.
    Communicate with customers via social media,
    e-mail, chats and phone call.
    Prepare documents needed by auditors and clients
    Educate customers on personal and business
    Address customer complaints and mitigated
    dissatisfaction by employing timely and effective
    Maintain accurate and current customer account
    data with manual forms processing and digital
    information updates.
    Respond proactively and positively to rapid change.
    Promote company brand and unique offerings
    through personalized customer service.

  • 2018 - 2018
    MEX FINTECH- Multibank Exchange Group, Hong Kong

    International Account Manager

    Serviced accounts on regular basis to propose new
    products or services and maximize revenue.
    Build and maintain close relationship with existing
    and new institutional clients of MEX Group
    Identified and analyzed key competitors and
    related products.
    Served customers with knowledgeable, friendly
    support at every stage of trade
    Provide quality support though emails and phone
    Liaise with various departments to solve client’s issues
    Meet up with potential clients and conduct sales
    Contact potential clients via phone/ email/ skype
    Complete in a timely manner all ad-hoc project

  • 2014 - 2017

    Customer Service Representative

    Provided primary customer support to internal and
    external customers in fast-paced environment.
    Assisted customers with setting appointments,
    shipping and special order requests, and arranging
    merchandise pick-up at other locations.
    Answered customer telephone calls promptly to
    avoid on-hold wait times.
    Provided information to customers regarding charge
    accounts and loyalty program and helped to open
    and activate new accounts.
    Communicated with vendors regarding back order
    availability, future inventory and special orders.
    Responded to customer requests for products,
    services and company information.
    Liaised with customers, management and sales
    team to better understand customer needs and
    recommend appropriate solutions.
    Answered constant flow of customer calls and chats


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