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About me


  • 2017 - 2021
    Drexel University

    Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

    I grew up and studied in a demanding academic and sports environment, which taught me the value of discipline and hard work. Driven by the love of a challenge, I came to the U.S. by the age of 18 looking to expand my knowledge through a chemical and biomolecular engineering career. I joined the rigorous engineering program at Drexel University, while also playing for the Division 1 Drexel tennis team with a full athletic and academic scholarship. The cross-disciplinary nature of this academic program gave me the opportunity to broaden my fundamental understanding of chemical and biological sciences through engineering concepts.

  • 2021 - Present
    Johns Hopkins University

    PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    I finally became a scientific researcher by joining the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering PhD department at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Santhanam selected me to join her vascular biology focused lab, and I am extremely grateful for her mentorship and support. As a third year PhD student, I have completed all my coursework requirements, attended research events and conferences where I received several awards, and greatly developed my scientific skills as a vascular researcher. My current efforts are focused on the characterization and testing of matrix modifying proteins in vascular stiffness, which is a major contributing factor to the deterioration of the cardiovascular system, and on identifying sexual dimorphisms in arterial aging. Specifically, I focus on the LOXL2 protein as a novel target against vascular aging. This work has already had scientific impact through two publications in important journals.


  • 2020 - 2020
    PECO, an Exelon Company

    Customer Field Operations Analyst

    I dove into industry by working at Exelon, the leading transmission and distribution-only energy company. Here I expanded my scientific knowledge purely as an engineer, developing my computational and technological skills.

  • 2020 - 2021
    Drexel University

    Research Assistant

    After being exposed to industry, I started conducting research at Drexel University with Dr. Abrams, focusing on identifying and developing protein structures of the HIV-1 envelop glycoprotein. Through these experiences, I realized that I wish to pursue a career in biomedical research.


Laboratory techniques
Leadership and mentorship
Molecular biology and physiology
Software and analytical skills



Honors & awards