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About me



  • 2019 - 2020
    Software Development Engineer, China Electronics Technology Corporation, Hefei, China

    Video Conference Systems - Design platform, improve quality

    • Designed Model-View-Controller frame works using Spring MVC and Spring Boot for WebRTC based Video Conference Systems.
    • Designed and implemented Cloud-Based APIs for meeting devices using Java, Hibernate, JSON.
    • Designed database tables and developed SQL queries, joins, store procedures, triggers, packages and functions.
    • Processed HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and SPDY requests from millions of meeting Service enabled devices including Andorid, IOS, windows, Linux, MacOS and supported 1000+ hold meetings at the same time.
    • Implemented and executed automated test cases using QuickTest Professional Tool for regressing testing.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Software Development Engineer, China Electronics Technology Corporation, Hefei, China

    Electronic Component Seller Website - Update recommendation Service , improve performance

    • Developed a search engine with functionality of searching, auto-completion, and auto-correction, supporting querying thousands of items within 500ms, increasing website content visibility by 25%.
    • Supported language preference switch logic to provide languages choice, improving user feedback score by 6%.
    • Stored all front web contents in S3, listened by Lambda function. Any CRUD operation will trigger Lambda to process events, importing data into ElasticSearch, providing latest fresh data to user within 10mins.
    • Onboarded site message feature based on dynamic requirements, advertising other business websites.
    • Tested all functionalities with integration testing framework, along with unit testing covering 95%.

  • 2017 - 2018
    Software Development Engineer, China Electronics Technology Corporation, Hefei, China

    Intelligent Management Systems - Reduce service latency, improve performance, security

    • Migrated whole service to Aliyun, using Elastic Compute Service(EC2), Redis-shake, ELB, OSS(S3), improving the data processing
    performance by 6%, reducing network latency by 4%.
    • Reduced service latency, improved security, throughput, and performance.
    • Onboarded CloudAuth as authentication way, enabling interacting in different fabrics and increasing security.
    • Reduced overall latency by 3% via redesigning DDB schema and cutting off redundant http calls to storage system.
    • Onboarded profiler/metric system to monitor service health and latency, sending notification for abnormal status.