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    Vancouver, BC Canada
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About me



  • 2022 - 2023
    Expeditors Canada Inc.

    Ocean Import & Export Agent | Logistics Coordinator

    Worked directly with clients to fulfill logistical needs between shipper and consignee.
    • Managed, maintained, and coordinated work between SSL Vendors, Co-loaders, Couriers/Truckers, and Clients (Shipper & Consignee).
    • Quoted / Priced services to clients based on given stated needs and incoterms applicable.
    • Completed all necessary documents required for both the importation and exportation of cargo moving into/ out of Canada (CERS/B13, SI’s, etc.).
    • Oversaw all essential steps/milestones along the supply chain—Tracked cargo; Fixed any shipping document errors; Ensured fluidity of cargo’s moment.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Sage Innovation

    Logistics Agent & Administrative Assistant

    Handled client relations and fulfilled services in relation to the overall planning of their required deliveries— In addition to occasionally handling administrative tasks.
    • Scheduled pickup(s), Monitored shipment(s), and reported details accordingly – Primarily Exports.
    • Processed & Issued Invoices, Bill of Ladings, and applicable documents.
    • Maintained relations with vendors, couriers, and partners.