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About me



  • 2021 - 2021

    Senior Software Engineer

    Software Engineer May 2018 – March 2021
    • I worked on development and end-to-end functional testing of a critical project that processed over a thousand API transactions
    daily, utilizing technologies like Django, React, and PostgreSQL. I addressed cross-cutting issues involving security, logging, and
    request/response modification through Django\’s middleware and middleware libraries, such as Django cors headers for managing
    cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). I seamlessly interacted with databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL using Django\’s ORM,
    implemented WebSocket communication with Django Channels, and employed Django signals to trigger custom actions for
    specific events. Managed version control and collaborative development through Git. A significant focus was placed on user
    experience, where I implemented robust error handling techniques in Django and React, providing clear and informative
    notifications. I excelled in creating and customizing interactive dashboards with various visualizations, including bar charts, line
    charts, scatter plots, heat maps, and geographic maps. Calculated fields were used for advanced data calculations, while Tableau
    was leveraged for mapping, analytics, and data storytelling. I also utilized Tableau\’s APIs and SDKs for integration with other
    applications and services, implemented row-level security, and followed agile development methodologies, including sprint
    planning, daily stand-ups, and iterative development, to meet project targets and deadlines.

  • 2017 - 2018
    Quad Signal Technologies

    Software Engineer Intern

    In collaboration with a development team, I developed and managed a web application that harnessed the power of Django, React,
    and MongoDB for backend data storage. This project involved seamless integration with third-party frameworks and APIs,
    including Google Maps and Stripe payments, to enhance functionality. I also contributed to the project by creating reusable React
    components, both stateful and stateless, and facilitated their integration with Django RESTful APIs, allowing for Create, Read,
    Update, and Delete (CRUD) actions for MongoDB collections. The web application\’s user experience was further enhanced by
    working on client-side routing and navigation using React Router. Lastly, I maintained comprehensive documentation, ensuring
    that technical specifications and dependencies were well-documented for future reference.

  • 2016 - 2016
    Cosmic Trade & co

    Software Engineer Intern

    In my role, I actively collaborated with the database team to design and construct database schemas and tables in Oracle. I focused
    on enhancing database efficiency by implementing indexes on existing tables, thus eliminating full table scans. Additionally, I
    employed views to simplify complex queries and conceal underlying tables. Notably, I customized multiple SQL scripts to
    seamlessly handle data from diverse sources, streamlining the data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes into
    the Oracle database. To uphold data integrity and consistency, I implemented data validation and normalization techniques. My
    contributions extended to performance tuning and query optimization, elevating database efficiency. Lastly, I diligently