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About me


  • 2021 - Present

    Senior Videographer

    Successfully filmed an array of diverse content which includes weddings, birthday parties, adverts, and graduation ceremonies using the Cannon 5D.
    Effectively utilised both Adobe premier pro and FCPX to edit, format, colour grade and chroma key over 50 videos for multiple social channels, websites and a variety of clients. These video types included full length documentaries, branded social media content, Visual E- learning libraries for brands such as ATM Emporium, Visual assets and highlight reels for weddings and birthdays as well as event highlights.
    Routinely set up, oversaw and took creative lead on location and studio shoots with clients.
    Successfully used and set up Panasonic G80, Green screens, Radio & Boom mics, multiple camera lenses, tripods and soft box lights to capture several videos for ATM Emporiums online library.

  • 2021 - 2022
    Soul Cap

    Content creator

    Functioned as a videographer and Collaborated with Creative directors, project managers and Photographers to
    ensure high quality and on time deliverable for the AD X SOULCAP campaign which lead to a 300% increase in sales and revenue for Soul Cap.
    Successfully utilised the Sony A7C, Wide angle & Prime lenses, Rhode Boom mics, Sennheiser radio mics, Manfrotto Tripods and Gimbals to capture interviews, B-Roll and BTS content for multiple location and studio campaign shoots. Effectively captured Social media content, vlogs and BTS content for several product photoshoots using the Sony A7C.
    Utilised Adobe Illustrator and photoshop to effectively edit over 50 product photos and to edit campaign logos. Efficiently edited 0ver 30 videos which served as campaign deliverables, vlogs, BTS content, interviews and content for social channels. I achieved this using Final cut pro.
    Created shoot day schedule for multiple campaign shoots and ensured it was strictly adhered to.
    Took creative lead on set and oversaw multi-cam shoots for in house campaign.
    Successfully sourced and secured locations, camera equipment and stock footage utilised for “Why Swim” Campaign. Routinely used cloud services and portable hard drives to encode, ingest and organise over 5 TB of footage.
    Used After Effects and FCPX to animate, colour grade and to do sound design for visual assets, and campaign deliverables.
    Successfully curated content ideas and single-handedly drove production and delivery of high quality final product which lead to over 50,000 views on social channels.
    Adhered to and ensured that creative briefs were successfully completed and delivered in accordance with brand guidelines.
    Prepared and managed campaign budgets of up to £5,000 while monitoring and assessing avenues to cut costs.
    Routinely kept up with social media trends and social platform changes in order to inform content creation. Proactively storyboarded and pitched content ideas and campaigns all of which were commissioned for production.

  • 2017 - Present
    V2V Church

    Senior Content creator (Volunteer)

    Functioned as a Director/Videographer and took creative lead in over 100 in house shoots.
    Effectively used The Sony FS5, Panasonic Lumix and the Cannon 5D to film Event highlights, interviews and BTS content.

    Utilised Final Cut Pro and Adobe premier pro to edit over 120 videos which have generated over a million views for the Organisations social channels.

    Routinely set up livestreams and live recordings for major events while also troubleshooting any technical issues that arose during streaming.
    Routinely and efficiently ingested, encoded and organised over 15TB of footage using portable hard drives.
    Successfully trained new volunteers to set up and use Sony FS5, Final Cut Pro, Blackmagic 4K, YouTube livestream interface, Mac OS systems, vision mixers, multicam set up, intercom systems, memory cards, hard drives, pro presenter, Radio and fish pole mics, monopods and tripods.

    Collaborated routinely with camera operators ,scriptwriters, gaffers, animators, editors and sound engineers to deliver high quality broadcasts of live events.

    Successfully directed and vision mixed multi-camera set ups for live events.

  • 2019 - Present
    Johnson’s creative

    Camera Operator (Freelance)


    Functioned as one of four camera operators who successfully filmed a live comedy event at the O2 academy in Brixton. Utilised the Cannon 5D to successfully capture BTS content for Davido’s Concert at The O2 Arena.
    Functioned as a camera operator while collaborating with sound engineers, vision mixers and gaffers to capture and broadcast a remote concert.