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About me



  • 2023 - Present
    Mundo Verde Climate

    Senior Carbon Project Developer

    Responsible for the implementation and management of offset projects which includes:

    Carrying out carbon feasibility studies;
    Drafting of Project Design Documents (PDDs);
    Emission’s baseline determination and surveys
    Validation, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) activities under the applicable carbon standard (e.g. Gold Standard, Verra’s VCS)
    Conduct site visits, manage stakeholder engagements and feedback rounds and travel to project locations whenever needed;
    Schedule Technical Reviews and Quality Checks;

    Sourcing and contracting suitable offset projects to expand NBS’s project portfolio:

    Conduct various project sourcing tasks including, but not limited to, research, cross-checking qualifications under carbon standards, technical assessment, emission reduction estimates, project profitability /cash flow projections, additionality assessments, preparing presentations, writing reports and drafting agreements;

    Lead the definition and planning of content and structure to support the certification of projects: work plans, work schedules, budgets and deliverables;

    Keep up-to-date with knowledge on developments in terms of the international carbon market and (inter-)national environmental policy

    Be a key point of contact and maintain a good relationship with the team members inside the company, project owners, clients, verification bodies, stakeholders and other counterparts:

    Develop and maintain a network of project developers, verification bodies (VVBs) and standard bodies (e.g. Gold Standard and Verra’s VCS);

    Proactive networking with relevant organizations including potential project owners, technology providers, multilaterals, public and private entities, government agencies and others

  • 2018 - Present


    Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans (Carbon Market Development)
    Plan cost-effective operations and market development activities
    Establish company policies and legal guidelines
    Build long term, trusting relationships with shareholders, business partners and authorities
    Oversee the company’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures
    Strategic Project Management: I lead the charge in managing projects right from their inception through to triumphant completion. This includes the orchestration of diverse teams, ranging from energy engineers to project managers and coordinators, all working collaboratively to ensure the seamless execution of groundbreaking energy efficiency initiatives.
    Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Development: My role demands a mastery of cultivating and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, forging stronger connections, and enhancing coordination. I possess expert knowledge of carbon markets and offsetting, including a profound understanding of various standards and methodologies employed for measuring carbon emissions and credits.
    Policy Navigation: I hold a comprehensive understanding of climate and energy policies and regulations spanning local, national, and international realms. This expertise empowers me to navigate this intricate landscape effectively, ensuring that our initiatives comply with all necessary regulatory frameworks.
    Financial Modeling and Analysis: Leveraging my proficiency in financial modeling and analysis, I evaluate the economic viability of carbon offset projects and renewable energy investments. This financial acumen drives our strategic decision-making process.
    Effective Communication and Negotiation: My forte lies in bridging the gap between technical intricacies and layman understanding. I employ my strong communication and negotiation skills to convey complex technical information to non-experts. This ability proves invaluable in negotiating with stakeholders to achieve project goals.
    Data-Driven Insights: Lastly, I bring data analysis and visualization skills to the table. This includes the capacity to collect, dissect, and present data in a lucid and compelling manner. These skills empower me to provide data-driven insights that inform sound decision-making, driving our initiatives forward.

  • 2022 - 2023
    Energy 4 Impact

    SME Advisor and Consultant (Freelance)

    Projects Worked:
    World Bank Project: Electricity Demand Estimation from the Agriculture Sector in Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities of Electrifying the Agriculture Sector
    World Bank Project: Stimulate electricity demand for household and productive use in Kenya
    Strengthening markets, Productive Alliances & financial services in Rural communities – Sudan

    Energy 4 Impact is a non-profit that provides pro-bono consulting to for-profit enterprises working in the clean energy access space in the 4 East African countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda.
    Provide technical, financial and business development advice to SMEs.
    Review existing technical studies, business models, investment materials, business plans and climate impact models of the SMEs.
    Contribute to business development and fundraising efforts of the Client in energy access, productive use of energy, and agricultural value chain development.
    Take on ad hoc programme management responsibilities as required, including implementation of programme deliverables, budgeting, and team development.
    Conduct environmental analysis including energy consumption and pollutant emission calculations.
    Contribute to knowledge management products involving functions such as vetting the theme and structure for reports, ensuring that the product is market-reflective, drafting sections of the product, reviewing draft version etc.

  • 2020 - 2023
    The Green Elephant

    Technical Director (Freelance)

    Global Strategy Leadership: I defined, owned, communicated, and executed the global strategy within the Biochar domain, closely aligning with the organisation’s global goals and objectives.

    Biochar Project Advisory: I served as an expert advisor for Biochar project-related initiatives in Uganda, leveraging my extensive knowledge of carbon markets and offsetting standards and methodologies.

    Environmental Market Product Ownership: I drove and took full accountability for all Biochar practice deliverables concerning the company’s relevant environmental market products, including carbon credits, carbon removal certificates, and potentially other units.

    Network Development: I actively maintained and expanded a robust network of partners, companies, investors, businesses, and communities operating in the environmental sector.

    Subject Matter Expertise: I was the go-to subject expert, readily available for client meetings, exhibitions, and other corporate events where my in-depth knowledge of Biochar and environmental markets proved invaluable.

  • 2021 - 2021


    Work with Executive Secretary to implement and maintain high quality document and data management throughout the project.

    Assisting in project development by compiling and communicating research and analysis of land areas, community profiles, land rights, government relations, relevant local project developers, ecosystems, etc.

    Directing content development for marketing, websites, pressers, etc.

    Supporting collection and processing of mangrove forestry data to help KFW generate a world-class blue carbon research and analysis product for use.


GHG Emissions Calculations
Carbon Project Development
Renewable Energy Project Development