• 2018 - 2022


    \1. Managing tasks within defined initiative deliverables as well as collaborating with other energy engineers, project managers, and coordinators for successful execution of market-transforming energy efficiency initiatives
    2. Supervising product development process, including pinpointing engineering design/test issues, evaluating design changes/drawing releases and conducting on-site installation & commissioning
    3. Offering effective technical support in new products design and upgrading existing ones in line with customer requirements
    4. Incorporating documented design inputs, reviewing engineering drawings, documenting design, and spearheading new product development/improvement projects as part of a cross-functional team
    5. Addressing technical issues & communicating with several engineering groups and vendors to keep the schedule on track
    6. Analyzing several processes & enhancing operational efficiency while performing product characterization and parametric testing
    7. Mapping & resolving projects-related operational problems; minimizing delays & unexpected cost increases, meeting all safety, quality and legal requirements
    8. Formulating inclusive drawings & general assembly; attending technical meetings and inspecting equipment in consideration with material parameters\

  • 2021


    \1. Worked as a Lead Consultant for Value-Chain Driven Mangrove Restoration Project in India and Indonesia funded by KfW (German Development Bank).
    2. Researched on potential project sites in India & Indonesia and drafted project area selection criteria
    3. Conducted in-depth analysis & assessed possibility to account and trade blue carbon emission, possibility to fully integrate community-based mangrove management approach\

  • 2016 - 2018
    Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Co. Ltd.

    Mechanical Engineer - Projects

    \1. Spearheaded day-to-day activities on 52 exploratory wells with a total project expenditure of about 134B by converting commercial forecast into meaningful demand forecast used for capacity/supply chain planning and process optimization
    2. Examined geological data by comprehending well-logging results and directed extraction sites together by tracking performance of procurement activities of EPCC contractors
    3. Liaised with Engineering, Projects, and Finance Departments to comprehend technical & financial aspects of project and to identified appropriate sources of material & services supply
    4. Analyzed objectives of local and international suppliers for sourcing of materials required for the projects, capital equipment’s & site facilities for successful completion of projects\