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  • 2022 - 2023

    GIS technician

    ▪ I started my employment with CYIENT as a digitiser. In this position I am
    required to map changes to farmers’ land use and boundaries, as per
    latest satellite and remote sensing imagery. It was important to map
    these changes accurately and as per protocol to satisfy customers whose
    government subsidies depend on this information.
    ▪ Due to the high quality of my work I have been promoted to quality
    checker. As QC I’m required to pass or fail work produced by digitisers
    before they are finally submitted to Rural Payment Agency (RPA).

  • 2020 - 2022
    Apex reforestation


    ▪ This work involved planting tree seedlings in remote deforested areas
    cleared by logging or burnt in wildfires. I achieved my aim of planting
    1500 trees per day.
    ▪ Micro-sites in which seedlings were planted, and tree density are important requirements, which
    varied in different pieces of land and between different species of trees.
    ▪ Mental fortitude, positive mindset, physical fitness, effective team communication and encouragement
    are essential in order to carry out the work.

  • 2018 - 2018
    Universidade dos Açores

    Field researchr

    ▪ Our team conducted a preliminary study, aiming to find where sharks and rays aggregate around Faial
    Island, Azores.
    ▪ In order to be less invasive, we designed and deployed a new versatile type of baited remote
    underwater videos system (BRUVs). I made several modifications to the equipment which downsized
    the number of people needed to deploy the rigging from three to one.
    ▪ Contributed to other projects by; contributing in imagery observations, deployment of various
    equipment, and recovery of data receivers.