• 2014
    Trans Studio

    Operations Department Specialist (Internship)

    \- Being the part of operational team
    – In charge of the whole operational systems through the Theme Park
    – Getting involved with Creative Team to handle the events
    – Organizing all events at the Theme Park\

  • 2016
    Owl City SG PTE LTD

    Graphic Designer & Marketer (Internship)

    \- In charge of Design and Marketing Department
    – Designing and uploading different content on social media for clients
    – Designing graphic promotional products (posters, banners, books, etc)
    – Organizing events and checking the venues
    – Produce new ideas and concepts for clients product\

  • 2020
    Pharma Factory, St. George\'s Hospital, University of London

    Visual Designer & Researchers

    \- Being a part of design and research team
    – Getting involved with the scientists to discuss Biotechnology
    – Creating a piece of work/design intended to engage the public with
    Biotechnologies in medical practice.
    – Visualizing a glossary of key terms in Biotechnology
    – Delivering presentation of the outcomes to audience / stackholders\

  • 2021 - 2022
    Demiurga - Sustainable Artisan Fine Jewelry

    Art and Content Director (Freelance)

    \- Introducing and applying expert art direction to the visual elements of creative projects
    – Ensuring a high standard of visual execution across all media and campaigns
    – Reviewing the work of designers and providing direction and feedback
    – Taking ownership of the visual elements of creative work for new business pitches
    – Uncovering new ways to incorporate emerging and new media formats into campaigns.
    – Curating the website and ensuring that the consumer becomes a customer once they visit the website.
    – Leading the curation of social media content, ensuring that it is unique and it has an exquisite artistic taste.\

  • 2021 - 2022
    The Hungry Bench

    Visual & UI/UX Designer (Freelance)

    \- Doing the 3D model and prototyping the product
    – Designing the upcoming website design of the product
    – In charge of ideas and concept for the marketing of the product