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About me



  • 2022 - 2022
    Marketing Analyst Intern

    The Presidents’ Council

    • Analyzed data from 25000 monthly active users and used outputs to guide marketing and product strategies, increased average web engagement by 2x and decreased bounce rate by 30%.
    • Formulated campaign strategies based on regression analysis identifying key attributes to increase traffic and conversions, resulting in a 25% sales lift.
    • Built 2 proprietary analytical tools to identify keyword and social media advertising opportunities, increasing ROAS by 60%.
    • Evaluated the performance of 6+ campaigns per month. Conducted focused A/B testing and extrapolated insights from the results, leading to a 12% increase in conversions.
    • Lead weekly/monthly reviews for in-depth evaluation and analysis of marketing campaigns to help derive insights and recommendations with Power BI.
    • Developed ML models (classification models, segmentation, clustering) based on quality metrics to identify the KPIs in the campaign for Business promotions, reducing the cost of marketing by $17,000 per month.

  • 2016 - 2021


    • Designed a dashboard for Data Visualization with Power BI to monitor 15+ KPIs/metrics enabling the management to identify areas that require more attention. Led scrum meetings and tracked team progress via SERENA.
    • Created ETL pipelines to extract consumer data from multiple data sources (CSV, JSON, Excel) and load it into MS SQL server using SSIS, saving up to 10+ hours weekly for data acquiring, parsing, entry, filter, etc. (Data Warehousing).
    • Implemented reporting systems for New Policy creation to track the KPIs which helped in taking corrective actions quickly to improve performance and process claims easily (Savings: 600 Man hours quarterly).
    • Onboarded 2 junior analysts and conducted Excel and Tableau training sessions for a cross-functional team of 30 employees.
    • Devised and conducted 5+ customer surveys per month, leading to website improvements that resulted in a 26% increase in customer satisfaction and $55,000 in additional sales over the course of a year.