On the work rights of international students around the world 

Are you thinking of studying abroad and wondering what are your options for working while you are an international student? We have made this short summary to help you understand working while studying in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the US as an International Student


Until 30 June 2023, international students may work unlimited hours in any sector of the Australian economy.


15 November 2022 to 31 December 2023  

International students having the authorization to work off-campus on their Canadian study visas may work an unlimited number of hours off-campus while classes are in session. 


International students may work:

  • 20 hours per week throughout the academic year and
  • 40 hours per week between 15 December and 15 January. 


Students with a student visa enrolled in full-time degree programs may work: 

  • 20 hours a week when schools are in session.
  • Full-time during holidays.

Part-time studies do not provide the ability to work in the United Kingdom. 


First-year F-1 students are permitted to work on campus under specific circumstances but not off campus (with rare exceptions). 

However, second-year students may work off-campus under specific circumstances. 

F-1 students may work off-campus in their second year via one of the following programs: 

  • prior completion of Optional Practical Training (less than 20 hours per week), or 
  • Curriculum-Based Training (CPT). It may be full-time, although it is often not since students must maintain a full school load while completing their CPT. 

Both OPT and CPT employment must be connected to the student’s major.