20 Global Alumni Technology Leaders

At JOB+ we believe having an international education can help create future global leaders. The following 20 exceptional global alumni are leading the transformation in technology around the world.
Many visionaries have already begun to work toward it, bring about change, and make an impact.

Here are 20 technology leaders vying for the top spot in the industry’s transformation. They’re here to inspire you to relearn old lessons and pick up new ones.

20 top technology leaders are revolutionizing how people think about innovation and technology

Kenneth Abante


Kenneth Abante is Co-Founder & Head of Practice Wesolve in the Philippines.

Education: Harvard University.

Kenneth Abante, the co-founder of WeSolve, uses technology to link citizens and government agencies in the Philippines to create social impact. He is the leader of the transportation advocacy group Move As One Coalition, which pushed for roughly US$270 million to be set aside for protected bike lane networks, safe pathways, and service contracts for affected transport workers. Kenneth was also instrumental in developing the Citizens’ Budget Tracker, which keeps track of how money from the Covid program is being spent.

Nuttanai Anuntarumporn


Nuttanai Anuntarumporn is CEO of Interlink Telecommunications in Thailand.

Education: Boston University.

When Nuttanai Anuntarumporn took over the family business, Interlink Telecommunications, formerly a cable hardware company, changed its focus and constructed its data center and global fiber optic network. Revenue and profits nearly quadrupled in his first four years in charge, and he took the business public at the age of 29. Additionally, the business offers free telemedicine, educational services, and internet access in rural areas.

Angela Chen


Angela Chen is a Co-Founder and CEO of ESKWELABS in the Philippines.

Education: University Of Toronto.

Eskwelabs is an online school for data upskilling with the goal of democratizing access to the workforce of the future. The impact-focused platform, which Angela Chen co-founded, employs cutting-edge educational delivery methods that may reach a wider range of learners than conventional technical bootcamps. 90% of graduates who participated in its data science and analytics programs were able to find employment within 90 days, and their starting salaries were improved by 50%.

Victor Lee


Victor Lee is a Founder & Ceo of Rice Robotics Hong Kong.

Education: University Of California.

Making robots as common as smartphones and laptops is Victor Lee’s goal. Rice Robotics has successfully commercially deployed more than 100 autonomous robots in Hong Kong and Japan for clients like Softbank and Japan Post, in addition to taking first place in Alibaba’s Jumpstarter 2021 competition. The business developed a meal delivery robot for quarantine hotels in response to the outbreak.

Alvin Ea


Alvin Ea is a Co-Founder and Ceo of Haulio in Singapore.

Education: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.

Alvin Ea, a former CEO of the family-run haulage company Hub Logistics, left to disrupt the same sector with his startup Haulio. Haulio, a platform that connects the logistics sector and its partners and offers digital tools to promote collaboration, has partnerships with 98 percent of Singapore’s container haulage companies and is expanding in Indonesia and Thailand.

King Alandy Dy


King Alandy Dy is a Co-founder & Ceo of Expedock in the Philippines.

Education: Stanford University.

King Alandy Dy wishes to provide the digital infrastructure for the global supply chain since we are now more conscious of its significance than before. Without templates or instructions, Expedock’s AI can understand papers with a 99.95% accuracy rate. The largest logistics companies in the world, including Ceva, Jusda, and Ascent Global, have already joined. King’s primary concern is getting rid of waste.

Levana Sani


Levana Sani is a Co-Founder and Ceo of Nalagenetics in Singapore.

Education: Harvard Business School.

Some people’s medical side effects may be more severe than their illnesses. Pharmacogenetics examines how a person’s genes react to drugs, but it has never been used widely—until now. Levana Sani co-founded Nalagenetics to carry out more studies after assisting in the discovery of a gene that made sure people were fatally susceptible to leprosy therapy. The business localizes genetic testing by producing inexpensive test kits and collaborating with clinics in Singapore and Indonesia to provide advice and advise patients.

Nattinee Dora Sae Ho


Nattinee Dora Sae-Ho is a Founder and Ceo of Thrive Venture Builder in Thailand.

Education: Stanford University.

At Thrive Venture Builder, Nattinee Dora Sae-Ho combines business, sustainability, and social impact. The first social impact venture builder in Thailand, it builds its collaborative enterprises focusing on issues including poverty alleviation, tackling climate change, and creating sustainable communities. It also develops innovation programs for businesses and government agencies.

Napat Jatusripitak


Napat Jatusripitak is a Co-Founder & Ceo of Siametrics in Thailand.

Education: University Of Minnesota.

By utilizing big data, blockchain, and AI to improve supply chain efficiency, Siametrics provides clients with analytics consultancy and pre-made AI products. For one significant client, the company’s Route Optimization Algorithm reduced logistical expenses by 30%. Napat Jatusripitak, the company’s founder and an applied economist with experience at Harvard University and the World Bank, is a pioneer in data-driven business and public policy.

Aning Ouyang


Aning Ouyang is a COO of Renato Lab in Taiwan.

Education: University Paris-Sorbonne.

Imagine convenience stores being used as recycling centers and obsolete circuit boards being repurposed into furniture. Imagine circular design exhibitions and recycling facilities solely for drinking cups. This is the work of Renato Lab, a company with a creative R&D team that collaborates with customers to produce what COO Aining Ouyang of the business refers to as good benefits for people and the environment.

Shinta Nurfauzia


Shinta Nurfauzia is Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of LEMONILO in Indonesia.

Education: Harvard Law University.

The number of chemicals in the goods we use to treat our skin, maintain our homes, and even put food into our children’s mouths began to frighten Shinta Nurfauzia. Lemonilo, a marketplace where Indonesian consumers can select from various products free of more than 100 potentially dangerous additives, is her answer. In a recent Series B fundraising round spearheaded by Sequoia Capital India, the platform raised an undisclosed sum.

Andrew Koger


Andrew Koger is a Founder & Ceo of Goodwork in the Philippines.

Education: Princeton University.

Consumers and workers can both discover gigs on the home services portal GoodWork. The largest e-commerce platform for home and beauty services in the Philippines was founded by Andrew Koger, who previously worked for e-commerce behemoth Lazada. The company offers a range of options, from home cleaning to plumbing to personal care, with all service providers being verified by the company.

Grady Laksmono


Grady Laksmono is a Co-Founder of Moka in Indonesia.

Education: University Of Southern California.

The Moka software system enables SMEs to grow more effectively. With the help of its service, businesses can handle a variety of things, such as point-of-sale systems, working capital, inventory, financial reports, customer relations, customized sales promotions, and staff. Grady Laksmono, co-founder and CEO, had 40,000 users in 200 cities across Indonesia as of 2020. Gojek, a significant provider of online services, bought it that same year for US$130 million.

Jie Wu


Jie Wu is a Co-Founder & Ceo of SHIMO in China.

Education: New York University.

Users may view and collaborate on documents online with Jie Wu’s cloud-based productivity suite Shimo, which he co-founded with Bing Wu. A top product recommendation by Harvard Business Review and 36Kr for its minimalist design that incorporates Chinese aesthetics is the award-winning platform.

Jason Zheng


Jason Zheng is a Founder & Ceo of Toby in Hong Kong.

Education: Oxford University.

Jason Zheng reasons that since life is already difficult, why not use technology to make things a little bit simpler? His invention, Toby, is an easy-to-use app that enables individuals to hire help in any of its 800 service categories, whether for unclogging the bathtub, learning the ukulele, or moving into a new home.

Cindy Kua


Cindy Kua is a Co-Founder and Ceo of Sunday in Thailand.

Education: King’s College London.

Cindy Kua, who had previously worked in insurance in Malaysia, is spearheading the prolonged overdue upheaval of the insurance sector. She founded the innovative insurtech firm Sunday in Thailand in 2017. In contrast to the traditional insurance industry’s regular rates, the company offers individualized coverage, premiums, and more accurate risk assessments through technology, including artificial intelligence (AI). With a Series B round that was oversubscribed and included investors like Tencent and Vertex Holdings, it raised US$45 million in 2021, bringing its total funding to roughly US$75 million.

Dorothea Koh


Dorothea Koh is a Co-Founder and Ceo of BOT MD in Singapore.

Education: Stanford University.

Consider the possibilities if time-pressed doctors could instantly access all records by simply turning on their phones. The invention of Dorothea Koh, Bot MD connects medical data typically dispersed across numerous platforms, providing doctors with quick and dependable access. Bot MD went from 20 to 5,000 users in just two years. Over 3,600 migrant workers’ vital signs were tracked during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Zheng Qi


Zheng Qi is a Founder Shanghai Visual Skeleton Key in China.

Education: The University of British Columbia.

Zheng Qi founded Shanghai Visual Skeleton Key to reviving the textile sector. The company looks at how technology may assist traditional textile-making processes and the craftspeople who use them. His innovations include:

  • A virtual loom.
  • A garment 3D printer.
  • A new conductive signal fabric.
  • An intelligent storage system tailored to the needs of the textile industry.

Katherina Olivia Lacey


Katherina Olivia Lacey is a Co-Founder and Chief product Officer of Quincus in Singapore.

Education: Lynn University.

There are several problems in the logistics sector, such as late deliveries and poor resource use. Katherina Olivia Lacey hopes to change all of that with Quincus. The software as a service platform employs AI to speed up and improve the reliability of shipments, automating manual procedures and utilizing data analytics to improve the effectiveness of the entire logistics process. Katherina placed seventh on the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain list compiled by computer giant IBM and Supply Chain Digital magazine in 2021.

Jessica Cheam


Jessica Cheam is a Founder and Managing Director Eco-Business in Singapore.

Education: University of Warwick (UK), University of London’s Goldsmiths College.

The world has been working hard to catch up with eco-business for more than ten years. Jessica Cheam founded a media and business intelligence company that extensively covers ESG performance and sustainable development. Additionally, it provides Fortune 500 corporations, governments, and charitable foundations with research and consulting services. Jessica joined the board of ComfortDelGro, one of the biggest land transportation businesses in the world, in 2019 with a focus on the company’s ESG performance.

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