20 Global Alumni Economy and Finance Leaders

At JOB+, we think a global education can foster the development of future world leaders. The following 20 outstanding alumni from around the world are pioneers in finance and the economy.
Numerous visionaries have already started to work toward it, effect change, and have an impact.
Here are 20 business and financial professionals competing for the top rank in the sector’s transformation. They are here to motivate you to review prior knowledge and pick up new information.

20 Prominent Figures In The Fields Of Business And Finance

Quake Hsu


Quake Hsu is a Co-Founder and Director of ZEC ZEC in Taiwan.

Education: University College London.

Quake Hsu, a co-founder of Zec Zec, thinks that crowdsourcing might lead to a social revolution. The urban designer-turned-entrepreneur founded the company to support fellow Taiwanese artists in realizing their visions. With over US$150 million raised on its site, Zec Zec is currently one of Asia’s fastest-growing crowdfunding platforms. It has offered extra assistance and services to help struggling businesses use its platform to generate critical funding during the pandemic.

Chase Wang


Chase Wang is a Founder & Ceo of Cutaway in Taiwan.

Education: Università Commerciale ‘luigi Bocconi’.

Chase Wang launched Cutaway six years ago and has since ingrained itself deeply into Taiwanese society. Every year, it offers 200,000 users simple access to everything from meals and concert tickets to making an appointment with a renowned physician. It specializes in selling premium, difficult-to-find goods and currently has more than 400 merchants listed on its website.

Pailin Vichakul 


Pailin Vichakul is a Partner of SCB 10x in Thailand.

Education: University Of Michigan.

Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand has been able to reinvent itself as a supporter of disruptive technologies thanks to SCB 10X. Pailin “Pie” Vichakul founded the technology venture capital firm in 2016 under Digital Ventures after quickly realizing she preferred the VC industry to traditional banking. SCB 10X invests not just in software startups but also in businesses related to wellness and health.

Yong Lin Teh


Yong Lin Teh is a Co-Founder & Ceo of Kravve in Maylaysia.

Education: University Of Nottingham.

Want some handmade bread with a crust? A brand-new jar of spicy sauce? A cake? Since Malaysia is home to many skilled chefs and eager consumers of their goods, and since most supermarket items are produced industrially, Yong Lin Teh founded Kravve. This internet platform links the two. It has been an instant hit since it is jam-packed with recipes, advice on eating correctly, and sections on keto diets and Muslim cuisine. More than 70,000 users and 1,000 dealers are currently using the platform.

Harris Cheng


Harris Cheng is a Co-Founder and Ceo of Greenvines in Taiwan.

Education: MIT Sloan School Of Management.

Consumers should reevaluate their daily routines and have a connection to their food, according to Harris Cheng. His business, Greenvines, sells organic, live sprouts still in their planters and takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Greenvines has expanded into cosmetics and haircare products and assisted School 28, Taiwan’s first talent program for social innovation, in its establishment.

Lennise Ng  


Lennise Ng is a Co-Founder and Ceo of Dropee in Malaysia.

Education: Melbourne University.

Most urban poor people remain that way because they cannot access funding or credit. However, Dropee hopes that every SME can increase its opportunities. Its B2B e-commerce platform, which is mobile-friendly, enables and digitizes transactions between SMEs and suppliers and offers 60-day credit terms. Lennise Ng, co-founder and CEO, was motivated to start the business by recollecting her struggling grandfather.

Djoann Fal 


Djoann Fal is a General partner, Atlas Capital & C0-Founder of Getlinks in Thailand.

Education: ESCP Business School.

Djoann Fal resigned as the CEO of his IT hiring marketplace GetLinks after guiding it to profitability so that he could concentrate on strategic alliances and funding. At the same time, he founded Atlas Capital, a networking organization and seed investment firm emphasizing sustainable technology. He wants to use its wealthy members, who include businesspeople, scientists, actors, and politicians, to fund creative green projects by leveraging their resources and knowledge.

Thanapoom Chareonsiri


Thanapoom Chareonsiri is a Co-Founder & Ceo of Appman in Thailand.

Education: Columbia University, NYC.

All businesses now require cutting-edge technology, but Thanapoom Chareonsiri believes Asia might better utilize what it needs for economic development—particularly in Thailand. His Appman platform, a technology partner that helps businesses use AI and intelligent document processing to increase their efficiency, is most known for its involvement in insurtech and for making life insurance simpler to understand and obtain.

Moses Lo 


Moses Lo is a Founder & Ceo of Xendit in Indonesia.

Education: University Of California, Berkeley.

Moses Lo understood the necessity for a Southeast Asian-specific payment system from his work at large international corporations like Boston Consulting Group and Amazon. His creation, Xendit, has grown into one of Southeast Asia’s largest fintech companies in just three years, building payment infrastructure across Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries.

Mia Deng


Mia Deng is a Partner of Dragonfly Capital in China.

Education: Wesleyan University.

Mia Deng is accelerating the acceptance of cryptocurrency assets, which are at the forefront of finance. For her job as a partner at Dragonfly Capital, one of China’s fastest-growing venture capital firms that specializes in investing in crypto assets, she travels back and forth between Shanghai, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. She also helped found the NFT art market TR Lab.

Tommy Martin


Tommy Martin is a Co-Founder and Coo of QOLA in Indonesia.

Education: University College London.

Tommy Martin, the COO and co-founder of Qoala, recognized a market need given that most of Indonesia still lacks adequate insurance. Qoala is upending the insurance market by implementing automatic claims, personalization, fraud protection, and other consumer-friendly innovations that foster a smooth client-insurer connection using big data and the internet of things. In total, Qoala has raised around $13.5 million.

Zidi Liu


Zidi Liu is a Founder Partner of Green Harbor Investment in China.

Education: Duke University.

Since Liu Zidi established Green Harbor Investment in 2015, the business has made investments in and acquisitions of businesses like Tencent Music, Jason Wu, BioMind, Lianjia, and ZhongAn Insurance. Zidi formerly worked for the private equity firm Yuncheng Capital, where she made significant early investments in companies including Xiaomi, Youku Tudou, and Gold Mantis that would become industry giants. She serves as the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance China Council’s director for China.

Adrit Raha


Adrit Raha is a Co-Founder & Ceo of SYMBO in Singapore.

Education: University Of Strathclyde.

Symbo, an insurtech platform created by Adrit Raha, is democratizing the insurance buying process since we could all use a helping hand. For many years, selling insurance was simpler than buying it, and the selection of brokers was limited. Symbo enables agents, brokers, and businesses to make selling and purchasing insurance easier, placing it within reach of almost everyone by utilizing patented low-code technology, allowing internet commerce platforms, and prioritizing distribution.

Sharian Raj


Sharian Raj is a Co-Founder & Ceo of Senang in Malaysia.

Education: University Of Wollongong.

Traditional insurance has the drawback that it is sometimes unaffordable for many individuals due to the upfront fees. Senang is a startup that lets consumers get one-off coverage; gig workers, for instance, can get coverage for a single shift for just MYR1 (US$0.24). This is Sharian Raj’s answer. In 20 months, the company sold 50,000 policies, with a quarter going to new insurance customers.

Luona Cai 


Luona Cai is a Co-founder of The Circula Pie in China.

Education: Oxford University.

Luona Cai co-founded the Circular Pie/Circular to start a global community centered on circular economics and sustainability, inspired by her experiences managing projects and events at the Global Shapers Community Shanghai Hub. She also co-founded Dou Zhe Zou, a platform to address China’s surplus food problems and offer anti-food waste solutions. She has held the position of regional head for Global Shapers’ Climate and Environment Action Steering Committee.

Earl Martin Valencia


Earl Martin Valencia is a Founding adviser of QBO; Co-Founder of Ideaspace Foundation; Co-Founder of Plentina in Philippines.

Education: New York City Metropolitan Area.

Earl is a person who consistently thinks beyond the box, eager to bring about change and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Earl is the original advisor of QBO, pronounced (kubo), the Philippines’ equivalent of Silicon Valley. QBO is the National Innovation Center of the Philippines. The Department of Trade and Industry, IdeaSpace, the Department of Science and Technology, and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation are QBO’s four main pillars, which it uses to connect start-ups with. He is one of the co-founders of the IdeaSpace Foundation, which has helped over 50 start-up businesses in the Philippines to date.

Katrina Chan 


Katrina Chan is a Co-Founder and Director of QBO in Philippines.

Education: Connecticut University.

Katrina Chan hopes to jumpstart the Philippine tech startup environment via the accelerator Qbo, which she co-founded in 2016. The business is a cutting-edge private-public partnership that works with JP Morgan, the accelerator IdeaSpace, the Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Trade and Industry. It has run more than 500 startup programs, organized the annual Philippine Startup Week, and recently created StartUp Pinay to empower women in technology.

Proud Limpongpan 


Proud Limpongpan is a Chief Strategy Officer of Zipmex and Co-Founder of ENNOVIE in Thailand.

Education: Harvard Business School; The London School Of Economics And Political Science (Lse).

At two completely different businesses, Proud Limpongpan has fostered enormous growth. The 80 percent female-staffed digital asset exchange Zipmex had considerable growth in 2021 in terms of assets under management, trading volume, and revenue. Ennovie, a company that makes ethical jewelry for Proud, has increased sales by 16 times while reducing its environmental effect by utilizing 90% recycled water and 80% solar energy.

Chen Zhao


Chen Zhao is a Managing partner of Plug and Play China.

Education: UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Zhao Chen is at the forefront of technological innovation as the managing partner of Plug and Play China. The business, founded in 2015, is the regional branch of the world’s largest accelerator and multifaceted innovation ecosystem. It engages in investments, corporate innovations, startup incubation, and cross-border growth acceleration.

Likai Gu


Likai Gu is a Founder of SOUNDON in Taiwan.

Education: University Of California, Irvine.

Audio content is more popular than ever, thanks to the likes of Likai Gu and his podcast platform Sound On. The company, which gives creators access to potential advertisers, has quickly become one of Taiwan’s largest podcast hosting platforms, with 35 million monthly downloads. In 2021, Sound On was acquired by Kollective Ventures and the family office of 2019 Gen.T honouree Joseph Phua.

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